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Get to know the stories of those who took part on the project and enjoyed its activities.

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This section currently contains a collection of some of the Service Learning placements carried out along the project TRAINEE in all its participating countries.

Sebastián, 22 years old, Spain.

Several colleagues and I decided to work with the association Gantalcalá through the Trainee platform, which put us in contact with the association to help them in a communication project. The experience was very positive as we were able to see from an internal perspective the issue of NGOs. Involving people in internal activities can make them aware of the main problems that the organisations are trying to solve or minimise their impact. In conclusion, it was a different, entertaining and motivating experience that I would definitely recommend.

Alberto, 22 years old, Spain.

I had collaborated with my colleagues for the organisation Gantancalá, which asked us to make a small roadmap on how to manage social networks, focusing on the target audience and different methods, techniques and applications to be able to perform a good job in the field of social networks. In my case I consider that the experience was very good, because it leads you to what could be a future work situation, being also the field that I studied at university. I think that you not only learn how to work but also how to relate to people who do not work in the same field as yours, with other experiences and knowledge, providing you with different points of view that enrich yours. Of course, I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to do it to do it because everyone will gain from it.

Guglielmo Garello, 23 years old, Italy.

I did my Service Learning experience at the community service «Il Villaggio che cresce», in the city of Turin, Italy. The Villaggio che cresce organises every afternoon, in the southern suburbs of the city of Turin, activities for primary and secondary school children who need to strengthen their language skills in order to make their school experience more positive and to fight against school drop-out and early school leaving. During my experience I have been responsible for organising and planning playful activities to learn the basics of the Italian language and make learning a fun time of play. My experience in service learning has allowed me to improve my educational skills and ability to improvise in times of need. The added value of my service learning experience was definitely to have an experience where I could grow professionally while having a tangible impact of change in the life of the community and help the children I met to be future active and aware citizens.

Margarida Barbosa, 21 years old, Portugal.

It was thanks to TRAINEE project and the Service-Learning methodology that it was possible for the HR In team to use an idea to leverage a project to the level of service. I know now that it is a skill that I want to take to my future. Professionally, I have felt very fulfilled knowing that I make a difference in people’s lives. It is really motivating to be able to help employment entities to improve and become more inclusive, focus that we cannot deviate from – the promotion of diversity in the specialization of human resources. This experience contributed to the development of a more entrepreneurial spirit, which takes root more and more in me. Joining this team was the best decision I have ever made; we value continuous learning and there’s room for mistakes – and that’s what drives us to do more and better.

Ana Pinto, 22 years old, Portugal.

Service-Learning has been fantastic in every way. I feel like I make a difference in someone else’s life and as such, I find the motivation to work. It is a noble service, of a social nature, where we seek to insert people with specific resources and needs into the competitive job market. Who wouldn’t find motivation while helping another? In addition, there is a great feeling of belonging to the team and freedom to develop work tools, leaving the final result to the creativity of each person! It is also very satisfying to know the results of our service when applied to an employment entity. I feel like I’m living a dream working on this project and that one day it will become a great cause that everyone in the job market will want to support. I have great ambitions for the future of this project.

Aurelija, 27 years old, Lithuania.

I am studying the profession of a nurse’s assistant, so I did SL at the Klaipėda priklausomybės ligų centre. SL provides an opportunity to improve not only your practical skills, but also to improve your communication and teamwork skills. It also allows to get acquainted with the subtleties of activity, to find new contacts and like-minded people. I would definitely recommend SL activities to others.

Evelina, 29 years old, Lithuania.

I am very glad that I took the opportunity to participate in this activity. First of all, I read the information that was provided about what an SL is. Later, I checked in into the job search platform, and immediately received an invitation to do SL at the Uosto poliklinika. I am studying massage, so the practical experience I gained only made me realize that I had chosen the right path. Communication and teamwork went smoothly. I am grateful for the opportunity.

Vaida, 27 years old, Lithuania.

I am a future masseuse who had the opportunity to do SL in order to improve my practical skills at the Klaipėda priklausomybės ligų centre. Everything went smoothly. Colleagues and patients were nice people, we become friends. We helped each other in each work, so we gained new knowledge. I think this is a great opportunity to do a good job for society and improve your skills at the same time. I truly recommend to others  to try to do SL.

Zia, 27 years old, Slovenia.

I am a student of media and communication studies. Working on the MaMa and Ogranisation gave me my first acquaintance with an excellent team and how the team works daily. At the same time, I was given the opportunity to test myself in the field I am studying, which is valuable and important to me. In this way, I was able to put theoretical knowledge into practice on a daily basis. This, however, was mostly about social networking and campaigning, which required me to be flexible, flexible and creative. The team and the way I work allowed me to learn something new every day, build my soft skills, and grow personally and in my career.

Špela Pučnik, 26 years old, Slovenia.

Service-learning is a great opportunity for personal growth and development through helping and solidarity with the community. I am included in Mladinski center Dravinjske doline activities and solidarity projects, where we seek to offer young specific resources and support to develop competences. We come together and work closely with our local community also to learn and support active citizenship participation and activation through developing dialog with local public bodies. I find it very motivating helping another and love that we have a full team of people doing that. My experience in service learning has improved my education skills, through helping other develop them and react to young in need.

Alenka, 27 years old, Slovenia.

While working as an editor and journalist at – the main youth portal in Slovenia, I have gained important practical experienc, not only from the field of journalism, but also from the everchanging media landscape, that will certainly benefit me in the course of building my career, since keeping an eye on the latest media trends is key in my profession. The work expereince has been very positive, especially because it enabled me to cooperate with young people, NGO’s and youth centers in Slovenia. Following their work and writing about all the amazing projects they are doing, together with us, young people, has made me realise even more, what positive impact youth work can have on societies.


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