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For training entities

Learn about Service Learning as a training method, meet other professionals, find placements for your learners and network with social stakeholders

For NGOs

Discover how to benefit from Service Learning placements, open your entity to new members, professionalise your team and increase your impact

For young people

Put in practice what you know, help your community, get extra skills, meet new people and enjoy a real professional experience

What is TRAINEE project?

TRAINEE is a transnational initiative supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. Carried out in different countries, it meets together training entities and NGOs in order to allow youth learners and students to complete their training experience through Service Learning activities towards the social inclusion of their communities. Thanks to this approach and the learning tools created and freely offered by the project, young people can complete their training and put in practice what they have learnt thanks to real situations that also contribute to the development of their communities.

What does TRAINEE offer for NGOs and training entities?

Watch the video and get to know the project e-learning platform and vacancies tool. They offer the support that NGOs and training entities need to design, implement and make real their Service-Learning projects while developing their communities.

What does TRAINEE offer for young people and students?

Watch the video to get to know the project vacancies tool, a dynamic platform where students can interact with NGOs and find the best Service-Learning placements according to their personal competences and academic skills.

Service Learning is a training approach associated with personal and academic development. It brings learning programmes to the next level as it combines serving a community with putting in practice the academic knowledge of a learner and the self-reflection typically seen in project-based activities. 

  • It allows learners to put in practice what they have previously learnt and improve their competences on varied fields and soft skills.
  • It provides learners a first experience on the labour market and to cooperate with different teams and professionals of the third sector.
  • It makes possible that learners could be active citizens of their communities and contribute to their development and social participation.
  • It is compatible with any formal training system and useful to deal with Global Citizenship Education (GCE) as well as with issues related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • It is suitable for any kind of learner, topic, field of work or young person background.
  • It contributes to third sector development and to the professionalisation of NGOs while promoting young people employability.

TRAINEE offers different tools for young people who are in a training course or degree as well as for their trainers thanks to a database of vacancies on NGOs and social organisations. It helps to set contact with entities interested on hosting young people and incorporate them to their solidarity and inclusion programmes as part of their academic preparation.

Besides this, TRAINEE has also developed an e-learning platform for teachers, facilitators, NGO members or employment promotes who want to be trained on Service Learning techniques. Thanks to this output, they will be able to learn how Service Learning can be used to improve their training and social programmes while offering a unique labour and personal experience to young people that could be involved on them as a support.

See more about these tools and possibilities on the next section of this site.

TRAINEE resources and open tools

Training e-platform

An online interactive space for professionals aiming to be trained on Service Learning as a new innovative and inclusive training methodology. Make the difference and find the excellence in your programmes towards your learners and beneficiaries!

Who can use it?

Training or employment promoters staff (trainers, teachers, facilitators, labour guidance workers, etc.) and NGOs members (volunteer coordinators, staff, youth workers, board members, project coordinators etc.).

What is it for?

It shows the basics of Service Learning and how it can be used on different contexts. It contains different training pathways for training entities aiming to promote Service Learning and for NGOs aiming to host young people through these methodology.

How does it work?

It is free and offered on different languages. It contains general modules and a certification about Service Learning, how it contributes to GCE and practical modules with guidelines, theory, materials, quizzes, templates, real life studies, etc.

When will it be ready?

The first version of the e-platform will be offered in Spring 2021 by the partner organisations of TRAINEE on their countries. To know more and be able to use it, please contact the partner organisation in your country.

Open Vacancies Tool

An online space to find Service Learning vacancies to carry out internships, cooperate with local NGOs and reinforce your training. Put in practice your professionals and personal skills in a unique experience together with you community or in other countries!

Who can use it?

Specially young people over 18 involved on a training course/degree and looking for Service Learning vacancies. Also for training entities or NGOs staff who aim to promote Service Learning placements (as sending or hosting organisations).

What is it for?

It provides access to Service Learning placements available in local or European NGOs that can share their vacancies on it. It is also a meeting space for education professionals and social workers in the project countries aiming to cooperate.

How does it work?

It contains a search engine that makes possible to find and publish open vacancies according to different criteria of location, language, duration, topic, etc. The tool is translated in all the project languages and its registration and use are free.

When will it be ready?

The first version of the Open Vacancies Tool will be offered in Spring 2021 by the partner organisations of TRAINEE on their countries. To know more and be able to use it, please contact the partner organisation in your country.

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