TRAINEE Training e-platform

An online space to learn all that you can need to arrange a Service Learning initiative

What is TRAINEE Training e-platform?

TRAINEE Training e-platform is an online interactive space for professionals aiming to be trained on Service Learning as a new innovative and inclusive educative methodology. It provides information and resources to incorporate Service Learning to already existing education and employment programmes towards third sector entities professionalisation and youth employability. The e-platform also provides guidelines to deal with Global Citizenship issues and citizens participation thanks to this learning approach. Make the difference and find the excellence in your programmes towards your learners and beneficiaries!

Who can use it?

The e-platform is designed for training or employment promoters staff (trainers, teachers, facilitators, labour guidance workers, etc.) and NGOs members (volunteer coordinators, staff, youth workers, board members, project coordinators, etc.) who want to carry out Service Learning projects or just get to know more about this training approach.

What is it for?

It shows the basics of Service Learning and how it can be used on different contexts. Divided in thematic modules, it contains different learning pathways for training entities aiming to promote Service Learning as part of the certification of their learners and for NGOs aiming to host young people through these methodology. The e-platform also offers a certification for those who complete it successfully to recognise the competences and knowledge acquired.

How does it work?

It is free and offered on the five project languages (Italian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Spanish and Portuguese). It contains general modules about Service Learning, how it contributes to GCE as well as two practical modules with guidelines, learning content, materials, quizzes, real life studies, etc. This modules are divided following the next structure:

  • Module 1: Service Learning definition, benefits, fields of application, basic steps, etc. and how it promotes youth employability.
  • Module 2: How Service Learning contributes to social cohesion, promotes Global Citizenship, spread Sustainable Development Goals and reinforces community development
  • Module 3: Divided in two sub-modules containing practical guidelines, good practices, templates and tools to implement Service Learning actions on the field (one sub-module adapted and focused on training entities staff, and one adapted and focused to NGOs professionals).

Those using the platform will be also supported by the national team of each partner of the project that will monitor and coach them to facilitate that they put in practice what it has been learnt thanks to this material.

When will it be ready?

The first version of the e-platform will be offered in Summer 2021 by the partner organisations of TRAINEE on their countries. To know more and be able to use it, please contact the partner organisation in your country.


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