First transnational meeting of TRAINEE in Spain

The Spanish city of Logroño hosted on the 25th and 26th of February the first transnational event of TRAINEE. Representatives from the partner organisations of the project took part on this kick-off meeting that was used to introduce their teams, get to know better the objectives of TRAINEE and set the steps to start to develop its intellectual outputs.

Thanks to group discussions, presentations and brainstorming, attendees were able to explore together the goals to be achieved during the whole project and agreed the process for the construction of its two final products: an online training platform for promoting Service-Learning as a learning tool for training entities and NGOs; and a data base of vacancies for young people placements on NGOs. Besides distributing the tasks to be completed among attendees, they had also the chance to exchange experiences on community development as well as on training techniques while discovering the local environment of Neo Sapiens, project coordinator and hosting organisation of the activity.

During the next months partners will work on the design of these materials that will be ready by the end of 2020. During this period, training promoters, NGOs members and young learners will have the chance to test them and be involved on the activities of the project as both, beneficiaries of its results and collaborators.

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